Engineering & Consulting

Electro-Mechanical engineering and consulting regarding machine design, installation, and upgradation.

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Hydropower Operation & Maintenace

We can assist you with on-call or term-based operation & maintenance services for your equipment and resume power generation.

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Plant Assets Assessment

We can provide engineering assessment for your plant equipment and report the operating status and suggestion for optimization.

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Problem Finding & Troubleshooting

Problem finding & troubleshooting when the equipment is down and production is disturbed. We can provide you quick response during emergency.

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Refurbishment & Upgradation

Some equipment just fail to function properly due to changes in operating conditions. We can assist you your equipment refurbishing and upgrading requirements.

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Installation & Supervision

We can provide engineering supervision to check quality of work during installation & maintenance works on behalf of the companies.

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Innovative Solutions

Do your problem requires unique solution? The systems available readily in the market may not be sufficient. We will be very happy to develop innovative solution that is just right for your needs.

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2D-3D Modeling, Analysis & Simulation

It is good idea to make a 2D/3D virtual models & prototype before making real one to test its functionality. We can assist you with CAD/FEA/CFD services.

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Digitization & Automation

Digitization and Automation improve machine & operators safety, maximize availability with efficiency. We can assist you with PLCs/ SCADA solutions.

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